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Our student bloggers are current students studying different subjects who want to share their experiences of University of Worcester. They will tell you what you need to know about the student life, the University, the city of Worcester and will give you hints and tips on what to do and not to do as a student here.

Each student blogger posts regularly to the blog, Twitter and their own Facebook page and they can answer any questions you have about life at University of Worcester. Read their blog posts and follow them on twitter and facebook to get answers from somebody who’s actually on the course.

Sophie - Sport and Exercise Psychology BSc

Being on a basketball court is pretty much where I want to be and where I normally am. I am honoured that I'm the Captain of the GB women's wheelchair basketball team and as you can probably imagine, that takes up a lot of my time. Apart from basketball, I love spending time with my friends and family, finding new and exciting things to do and I'd like to do a lot more traveling. As well as all that, I am doing a degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology which I'm hoping will help me in my basketball career and also with my passion of helping others.

Find out more about Sophie and read her blog posts.

Emily - PGCE Primary

I am fascinated by Psychology (which helps as I am a Psychology student) and I’m a bit of a self-confessed nerd. My friends would describe me as a bit of an organisational freak, but I do love spending time with important people in my life as a break from uni work. When my time isn’t filled with  uni work, I do a lot of volunteering with children and adults with special needs to try and get to my dream of being a Special Needs Teacher.

Find out more about Emily and read her blog posts.

David - Cricket Coaching & Management BSc (Hons)

As you can probably guess from my degree title I am an avid sports fan, particularly cricket. I obviously have other interests as well though. I'm a complete sucker for TV shows I can thoroughly geek out on like Chuck, Breaking Bad and erm.. Great British Bake Off. I also love any sort of activity that involves meeting new people and socialising. I'm way more hyperactive than I should be at this age, and I can't wait to get out into the real world once I've made the most of my three years at Worcester! 

Find out more about David and read his blog posts.

Becki – Primary Initial Teacher Training BA (Hons)

Working with children has always been an ambition of mine, so I’m more than proud of myself for making it this far into my teacher training! Over the course of my studying, I’ve developed a massive interest in Special Educational Needs… so who knows, maybe a job at a Special Needs school is where I’ll end up! I have a very close-knit family and group of friends, who are really supportive of my choices and always keep a big smile on my face!

Find out more about Becki and read her blog posts.

Ashleigh - Drama and Performance BA (Hons)

Being a Drama and Performance student doesn't just mean I love being in the limelight and onstage, I enjoy directing, choosing costume and helping with sound and lighting too. I am an aspiring teacher and work for the university as a drama ambassador running youth theatre groups for children in and around the local community. I also love to sing and dance whenever and wherever appropriate! 

Find out more about Ashleigh and read her blog posts.

Christopher - Drama and Performance and English Language BA

Hi I'm Christopher but everyone calls me C-Lo. I love acting in short films and always end up playing the creepy character... I'm in a band that got good review from the BBC, I play percussion and everything weird. Absolutely love travelling and been to some awesome places like Sweden and America (down south). I want to share some great experiences with you, inform you on different some culture and entertain you all.

Find out more about Christopher and read his blog posts.

Sami - English Literary Studies BA Hons

Literature, especially novels, have always come first in my life so it was no real surprise that I chose to do this in my university career too. However, when my nose is not firmly stuck in a book I enjoy my life around my flat that I share with my boyfriend  by watching T.V, getting out on my bike and running other blogs and my YouTube channel. With the twenty years that I have lived on this Earth I have come to realise that to make life good then just do the things that you love which is why you will find me laughing, loving and living whether that's in a world created on paper or in the real world heading towards my goal of being a teacher!

Find out more about Sami and read her blog posts.