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Hereford University Centre

What is the Hereford University Centre?

The creation of the Hereford University Centre is an exciting new venture, jointly funded by Herefordshire and Ludlow College and University of Worcester.  The vision is to:

1. Become a vibrant centre for encouraging aspiration and increasing knowledge about higher education

2. Encourage increased participation in higher education, particularly by individuals who previously might otherwise not have considered higher education

3. Contribute to Herefordshire’s vibrant educational and cultural hub centred on Folly Lane

4. Create a highly visible manifestation of the long-established, successful partnership work to promote and provide higher education, between Herefordshire & Ludlow College and the University of Worcester.

The centre will also provide all higher education-orientated careers information as well as a calendar of events and activities for the local community.


Want to know more?

If you have any questions or queries please contact the Hereford University Centre’s Coordinator, Julia Davis:


Telephone: 01432 365 431

Write to: Hereford University Centre Herefordshire & Ludlow College Folly Lane Hereford HR1 1LS

Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events

The Hereford University Centre has a mixture of public lectures, research seminars and stage performance planned throughout next year. 


The Role of Drones and Satellites in Land Use and Precision Agriculture  by Toby Waine on Monday 20th February, 7.15 for 7.30pm start    


Planning Hereford: how to get it right by John Bothamley on Thursday 23rd March,  7.00 for 7.15pm start


Football Association of Wales; behind the scenes

Postponed  How social media and marketing have made Wales 'together stronger'  on Tuesday 2nd May, 4.15 for 4.30 start   Postponed


Considering Higher Education.  An opportunity to arrange an appointment to discuss options on Tuesday 13th June


What is on offer?

What is on offer?

The Hereford University Centre offers existing students and members of the public the following services:

· Information, advice and guidance to all

· Events available to all

The Hereford University Centre is also able to assist groups, for example: organisations and businesses, including third sector.  For those who have a specific educational need, there is an opportunity to discuss options about putting on an event to meet your needs. 

How can it help me?

How can it help me?

The Hereford University Centre not only offers free lectures, research seminars and other educational events to the public in varied and dynamic subjects, it is also a good first point of call for anyone with questions and queries about higher education such as:

· What course or subject area should I consider?

· How do I write a UCAS application and statement?

· What are tariff points? 

· How do I prepare for an interview? 

· Where can I study my chosen subject? 

· How can I study higher education? 

· What is student life like? 

· What is available for a mature student? 

The Hereford University Centre will provide information, advice and guidance, giving you a clear idea of the options available, or at least where to find the information.